May 23, 2024

3 Possible reason why Vince could be selling WWE

We may hate him or like him, we have to accept the fact that Vince McMahon built this company. It wouldn’t have been a easy journey for him, with a tons of competitors & enemies who were ready to do whatever to beat WWE. Nobody would have imagined Vince selling WWE couple of years ago, but things have changed now. Lets see the possible reasons.

WWE’s Board Of Directors

Vince McMahon reinstated as the WWE’s Board of Directors but he had to use the power of his stock holdings to get back to the company. It is also reported that Vince previously tried to return back but Board of Directors stops him. Everybody is not a fan of Vince returning, there are also possibilities that other members of WWE Management could try to remove Vince from WWE. So Vince McMahon could be hurried to sell the company to avoid such instances.


Many might wonder what WWE has to do with Recession. WWE’s primary source of income is from media rights deal. If Recession emptied our pocket then businesses would tight their ads expenses. So Fox would make less money if Recession is too deep, WWE wouldn’t get a good media rights deal. Fans attending live shows would also fall drastically. WWE is trading at a $6 billion valuation, if he exits now he would make tons of money and wouldn’t have to worry about how media rights or live attendance goes.

Selling the company but remaining in Power

According to report from there are numerous companies showing interest in buying WWE which includes Comcast (NBC Universal), Fox, Disney, Warner Bros Discovery, Netflix and more. One of the surprise bidders for WWE could be Saudi Public Investment Fund, Saudi Public Investment Fund which has total assets of $620 billion. Saudi and WWE has very a good relationship, if Saudi ends up buying WWE they wouldn’t try to built a new management, they instead let McMahons family to run the show, so it will be a win-win for Vince McMahon.

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