May 22, 2024

Logan Paul wins WWE United States Title | WWE Crown Jewel 2023

Logan Paul was in control of the match in the start but Rey Mysterio fights back. Logan Paul hits slingshot lariat and goes for the pin but Rey Mysterio kicks out.

Logan Paul hits suplex from top rope. Logan Paul tries to hit superplex but Rey converts hit into a powerbomb. Rey Mysterio and Logan Paul both were destroying each other.

Rey Mysterio sets up Logan Paul for 619 but someone gave brass knuckles to Logan Paul. Logan was about to hit Rey with brass knuckles. Rey pushes Logan which led to fall of brass knuckle from Logan’s hand.

Logan’s friend again tried to give brass knuckles to him but Santos stopped him. Santos mistakenly kept brass knuckles on the ring and went after Logan’s friend. Logan makes uses of brass knuckles and knocks Rey Mysterio and wins the United States title.

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