April 19, 2024

Adam Copeland on Christian Cage: “He makes everyone around him better.”

Adam Copeland is one of the greatest wrestler of all time. He spent most of his wrestling career in WWE, so it was very shocking when he decided to sign with AEW.

Adam Copeland recently was interviewed by Joseph Staszewski of New York Post, where he talked about WWE, AEW, Christian Cage, and more.

Adam Copeland on how things work in AEW

“What I’ve noticed is the creative process and some of the freedom that comes along with that and I think that’s been really fun. Not that I haven’t had creative freedom, I’ve been very lucky in that regard over the years. But it’s different when there are not shareholders and it’s different when there is a different structure in that regard.”

Adam Copeland on what does he like to do with creative freedom in AEW

“Tell stories and I think have more input into those stories, too. That to me is what I always thought we are is storytellers. To be able to have more of a voice in that regard is exciting. That’s not to say that I didn’t have that to a degree. Twenty-five years in a place (WWE) you are gonna have that trust and all of those things, but I also understood it’s a different animal. There’s more to answer to. With this, it feels like maybe just a few more chances taken in order to see what is gonna stick to the wall. Sometimes some isn’t gonna stick. It’s exciting the process to see what does. To sit down with a guy like Jey, with Christian and kind of start mapping out this story when we are at this stage of our careers, it’s just fun.”

Adam Copeland on why Christian Cage is underrated

“I don’t know why. If you ask any wrestler in the industry, who steps in there with him, they’re like, ‘Wow, I didn’t fully understand until. I think Moxley was like, ‘I thought I was good until I got in there with Christian.’ What he does best and maybe this explains it. He makes everyone around him better. Sometimes that can be a curse because you get the ‘good hand’ attached to you. But no matter who he’s in there with, watch the matches, that performer is nine times out of 10 better than they are in any other match. He just has that ability. The way his mind works to build strengths for his opponents. Sometimes in building those strengths that means he doesn’t show his strengths and that’s a giving performer.”

“I feel like in this instance, this last chance, this last kick of the can he’s realizing, ‘OK, hold on a second I’m gonna do some stuff here that gets my character over and really go for it in that regard and take some chances and say something on the microphone, like what did he just say?”

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