June 10, 2024

Austin Theory defeats Edge, Finn Balor destroys Edge | WWE RAW 2/20

Austin Theory issued open challenge at WWE Elimination Chamber Post-Show conference for US title, Edge accepted the challenge. Edge and Austin Theory faced each other at RAW.

Edge showed dominance at the start, Theory fights back and lock him with chin lock. Theory tries superplex from top of the rope but Edge pushes him, he falls to the ground, Edge hits cross body to Theory’s back.

Edge goes for the spear but Theory jumps, and escapes. Edge goes for the spear again but Finn Balor interferes and hit kick to the face and then Theory hits A-Town Down to win the match. Finn Balor attacks Edge after the match, hits Coup de Grâce thrice, Edge was laying in the ring unconsciously.

It is also rumoured that Demon Finn Balor could face Edge at WrestleMania, but as of now there is no official announcement.

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