July 21, 2024

Austin Theory feels Dominik Mysterio is “Too Dangerous” for Brock Lesnar

Austin Theory and Dominik Mysterio are having a run of their life time in WWE. Theory is currently the WWE US Champion, and Dominik is producing some great segments with The Judgement Day, Dominik’s prison Dom storyline has received massive response for fans.

Austin Theory was recently interviewed by Nick Hausman of WrestlingInc, where he talked about Brock Lesnar, Vince, Dominik and more.

Austin Theory on Dominik Mysterio

“Me and Dominik are really good friends. So both being 25 years old and having the position that we both have. You know the level of being on Monday Night RAW and what we’re given it’s amazing. Especially having that different dynamic and that different fan base to really look at us. I’ll even say to Dom some times, ‘like man, you gotta see bro we’re the guys right now’.

Theory on teaming with Dominik to face Brock Lesnar

“I think Dom is little too dangerous for Brock. He is my friend, he might be too dangerous, It’s Prison Dom we’re talking about. It’s some hard times man, that’s a touchy subject. I don’t think Brock even wants to speak on that”

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