May 22, 2024

Bobby Lashley returns, attacks Austin Theory & Seth provides injury update | WWE RAW 1/9

Austin Theory came to the ring and called out Seth Rollins, surprisingly Seth music hits and was walking with the help of crutches. Seth Rollins says his knee is not completely recovered but he will be fine before WWE Royal Rumble.

Seth says he came today because to hear fans singing his song, and returns back. Bobby Lashley music hits and he walking towards the ring. Both Seth and Bobby stared each other. Seth walked out, Bobby was entering the ring, Theory shouted at Bobby to not the enter the ring.

Theory tried to hit Bobby Lashley with crutches, but misses. Bobby Lashley spears him and throws him out of the ring. Bobby Lashley takes the mic and says it doesn’t matter who’s in the Royal Rumble, he’s ready to manhandle every superstar in Royal Rumble.

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