June 9, 2024
roman reigns spear

NXT Star says his spear is better than Roman Reigns’

Roman Reigns is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, his title reign is over 1000 days. Roman Reigns uses spear as his finishing move.

Many wrestlers have used spear as finishing moves which includes Edge, Goldberg, Rhyno and more. There’s also a battle about whose spear is the best.

NXT Superstar Bron Breakker recently was on Stick To Wrestling podcast, where he talked about Roman Reigns, he feels his spear is better than Roman Reigns’.

“Yeah, sure. I mean, Roman is the WWE Universal Champion, ‘The Tribal Chief’, the greatest, whatever you want to call it,” Bron Breakker said. “Roman is fantastic and he’s all the great things that he says he is. But when I Spear people, they don’t get up. I try to inflict as much pain as I can on my opponents. There is a difference, when you turn on the tape, between me spearing someone and then when he does it, cut and dry.

“That’s not up for me to decide. I know my Spear is better. There’s no debate, just turn on the tape. All my combine numbers here at the PC prove that nobody is faster than me, nobody can jump higher or further, anything. I am the best athlete here. There’s no debate, really. Turn on the tape. Mine’s clearly better.” (H/T: WrestleZone)

Roman Reigns is currently taking some time off from WWE. He is expected to return soon. It was rumoured that Cody could face Roman Reigns again at WM 40 but The Rock also seemingly open to face Roman Reigns at WM 40.

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