July 21, 2024

Bryan Danielson: “I’m getting hurt after every big match I have.”

Bryan Danielson is one of the most respected wrestler in pro wrestling, he’s been wrestling for over 20+ years. He has worked in many major promotions WWE, NJPW and more. Bryan Danielson is currently signed with AEW.

Bryan Danielson has dealt with many injuries in his 20+ years wrestling career. But he’s not getting any younger, he’s 42 now and has a beautiful family. During recent interview with Sports Illustrated Bryan Danielson commented about injuries and how he’s getting hurt in every big match he wrestles.

“There is the realization that over the past year, I’m getting hurt after every big match I have. That’s a sign. I love wrestling, but I do not want to wrestle at the expense of my long-term health.

I did the Iron Man match with Max, and then I didn’t wrestle again until Anarchy in the Arena, and even that was a lot of smoke and mirrors. Then I wrestle Okada and I break my arm. The injuries are starting to pile up. At what point is that worth the risk? Especially when my kids want and need me at home.”

“I always thought I’d wrestle until the day I die. But it’s not going to be this regular, weekly wrestling. I don’t even know if it’s going to be wrestling at big shows. I’ve always wanted to wrestle for DEFY in Seattle. How easy would it be for me to call the promoter and pop in some weekend? They wouldn’t even need to promote me. I could come in, surprise people, and do my thing.”

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