February 24, 2024

Bully Ray feels Jon Moxley is “bleeding a little too much”

Jon Moxley is one of the most craziest wrestler in AEW. Jon Moxley loves to entertain fans and would be ready to go any extent for it, he was seen bleeding many times in the ring.

Bully Ray in the recent episode of Busted Open podcast talked about Jon Moxley frequently bleeding during his matches.

“I’m in agreement with a lot of people where Moxley is bleeding a little too much. And it’s a little too much cause it really doesn’t mean anything. Imagine if Jon Moxley had not bled one time in the past month. but he would have bled last night. It would have meant so much more.”

“Blood was as much a part of the company [ECW] as the great wrestling or the gratuitous violence. It seems like lately, blood has become commonplace with Jon Moxley as if Jon’s the bleeder. ‘He’s gonna bleed every night like Terry Funk or Dusty Rhodes or Abdullah The Butcher.’ I just want it to mean something. And last night if the only blood you saw was Jon Moxley’s blood spilled on the mat and on his face because ‘Hangman’ hit him with barbed wire brass knucks to set the table for what we’re gonna see in the Texas Deathmatch, then I get it. Then it means something… The blood meant less to me last night because I’ve seen it so much.”

(H/T: WrestlingInc)

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