April 22, 2024

Chad Gable defeats Gunther | WWE RAW 8/21

Gunther defended his WWE Intercontinental Title against Chad Gable on WWE RAW tonight, both were mercilessly destroying each other. Gunther hits multiples chops to Gable, Gable also hits German suplex to Gunther.

Chad Gable and Gunther were attacking each other outside the ring, Chad Gable hits a German suplex which sends Gunther over the barricade. Chad Gable returns to the ring, referee continues the count. Referee counts to ten but Gunther wasn’t able to enter the ring within ten count.

Referee declares Chad Gable as the winner of the match, but to win a title, the opponent has to either win the match by either pin fall or submission. Chad Gable won the match by count out, so Gunther will remain as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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