April 18, 2024
Chad Gable Gunther

Chad Gable says he’s envious of Gunther

Gunther is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, he recently surpassed Honky Tonk Man’s IC Title record. Gunther is wrestling in such a way that it seems likes it would be hard for any wrestler to take the title away from him.

Gunther defended his IC against Chad Gable on 9/4 episode of RAW. Chad Gable took Gunther to his absolute extent, but eventually Gunther retains the title.

Chad Gable recently was on WWE After The Bell podcast, where he talked about Gunther. Gable says he has lot of respect for Gunther.

“Gunther is a perfect opponent for me, in the sense that it’s always, the size difference is there, that’s the obvious one. But I think there’s a level of professional competition between me and him. I do respect him, as a competitor, he’s the type of guy who has set this bar so high.

But I’m almost envious of that in a way, wherein I should have been the one, or I can be the one to do that as well. But you (Gunther) are the one who’s going to get all the credit. So I’m going to step up and try it make it my turn.” (H/T: SEScoops)

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