June 8, 2024

Chad Gable teasing a potential Iron Man Match against Gunther

Gunther is arguably one of the most talented wrestler in the current WWE roster. Gunther has been ambushing every opponent he faces, not many wrestlers have gave a tough fight for Gunther. Chad Gable wrestled Gunther on last night’s RAW.

Gunther believed he would squash Gable in 5 minutes, but he was shocked by Gable’s performance, eventually Gunter won the match but Gable’s performance received lots of appreciation from fans.

Chad Gable commented on his match against Gunther on RAW Talk, where he told that he’s ready to fight Gunther again.

“Does this look like victory to you? [Points to his chest] No. This was a five-star chest, okay, and he turned it into mincemeat in a matter of five minutes. Well, Gunther. Get yourself ready. Because on the other side of SummerSlam, Master Gable’s turning the coaching techniques on himself. Take care of your business. I’ll be waiting for you, and you’re paying for this chest, this five-star chest, and you’re paying for it with a lot more than five minutes. Because I’ll go five hours any day of the week, baby. Get yourself ready.” (H/T: Fightful)

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