May 21, 2024

Chris Jericho thinks leaving WWE for AEW was the greatest risk he has taken in his life

Chris Jericho recently was on The Allison Hagendorf Show, where he talked about AEW, WWE, Fozzy music and more

Chris Jericho on greatest risk he has ever taken in his life

“Probably leaving WWE to go with AEW, which was an unproven. We didn’t even have TV at the time, just my boss, Tony Khan had a lot of passion and he had the money for it. We had a roster of guys that I felt could do something, and then when I got involved we were able to get on TBS and then kind of went from there.”

“So I just think it was one of those things where I thought I have done all I can do in WWE, and I can stay here but I don’t want to just stay here, I don’t want to be just a guy. Let’s try and change history, let’s make wrestling a better industry, and we have done that. Because we now there’s a viable second company that people can work at and fans can watch.”

“But it was a real risk man, because WWE is such a monopoly for so many years, for us to come in there and get such a great demo and a great fanbase out of the gate was something I don’t think anybody really expected. They thought we’d be dead and gone in six months.”

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