March 2, 2024

CJ Perry Wants To Wrestle In A Hardcore Match in AEW

CJ Perry had a pretty good career in WWE. CJ Perry has produced many viral segments during her time in WWE. She and her husband, Miro are currently signed with AEW.

CJ Perry recently was on In The Kliq podcast, where she talked about her interest in hardcore matches. She also says wrestling Saraya would be like a dream come true.

“Maybe I’ll have a hardcore match. Someone recently asked me, ‘Hey, so are you going to wrestle?’ I’m like, ‘ like, Look, it’s a wrestling show. Obviously, I’m going to fight a bitch or two if I need to.’ Again, it’s all about story. If you push me too far I’m going to punch you in the face. Then, later I was thinking, on the alternative show [WWE], I will always wanted to go through a table and I always wanted a ladder match.

Miro, being the protective person that he is was like, ‘Absolutely not. You will die,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, calm down, Mr. Bulgaria’ Of course, I was able to do both. Ironically, it was after he left that I did all the tables. Ten tables, it was my dream. I’m kind of hoping now, I keep on saying that I want to do a hardcore match. The Redeemer, again, ‘No. Do you want to die?’ I’m just like, ‘Why not do it here? You’re not going to do it in any other place.'”

“Honestly, Saraya. Obviously, she’s one of my favorite people and I’ve known her for over a decade now. We have so much history and she’s helped me so much in wrestling. I definitely trust her and I’m close with her mom. So that would be just like a crazy dream, but there’s so many other incredible people. Britt Baker’s character work is amazing. Toni Storm, I’m a fan of a lot of women.” (H/T: Fightful)

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