May 23, 2024

Claudio Castagnoli talks about working with Sheamus and Jack Hager

Claudio Castagnoli was in the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he talked about Sheamus, Jack Hager, AEW, Dutch Mantel and more.

When he was asked about working with Jake Hager(Jack Swagger) and Dutch Mantel

“I love Dutch, I learned so much from Dutch, he is such a wealth of knowledge and he doesn’t sugar-coat things, he just says how it is and how he thinks it is, and his opinion. That to me is very important because, if I want to get better I don’t need to hear wish-wash around it, just needs to tell me how and he did. We rode together and he introduced me to some of his favourite country songs, which is awesome and they are still in the playlist, so thanks for that Dutch. I think Jack was with Dutch already, and they just put me with him, if I remember correctly. I tried to make sense with my head, how I would fit into Real Americans but then I kind of made sense of it, like because I came here and lived American dreams, so I’m the Real American. It worked.”

“I had great chemistry with Jake and Dutch, we had so much fun. We wrestled Rhodes brothers a lot, we would be beating up Goldust, and Dutch from the outside yelling at us like, ‘hit him harder, he is blown up’ trying to make us laugh, it was really fun. He always had a joke, a piece of advice after the match. I thought me and Hager clicked really well as a tag team, but probably one of the best tag teams to never hold the tag team champions.

When he was asked about teaming with Sheamus as ‘The Bar

“I think that was probably the most funniest three years. I think we teamed up for about three years, because everything you saw on-screen, like you saw us from being co-workers to alright I guess I can I make this work. We were both from Europe we have similarities but we were not just best friends, just like co-workers, talked a bit, we were not best friends. We became best friends over those years, and we are still best friends. That bickering back and forth that’s non-stop, they would tell us, ‘we are gonna shoot it backstage, so guys are just arguing and do this’ and we start they were like, ‘you guys can stop, we are not filming yet’ we were like no, that’s us being us. We had a great time.

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