June 9, 2024

Cody Rhodes: “I’m still on the hunt to find my own legacy”

Cody Rhodes is one of the top babyface of WWE right now. Ever since he made his return to WWE, he never failed to impress fans with his performance. He wrestled Seth Rollins with a torn pec, that match showed how much Cody loves to be in the ring.

Cody Rhodes was the fan favourite to end Roman Reigns’ title reign at WrestleMania 39, but due to Bloodline interference Cody Rhodes lost the match. It is rumoured that Cody could face Roman Reigns again at WrestleMania 40.

Cody Rhodes recently was on ESPN Radio, where he talked about his family, Cody says he is a hunt to find his own legacy.

“A big secret there is when it comes to second or third generation wrestlers, this trickles down to any athlete where your parent came before you and did something great. The thing you don’t always say is, ‘I want to honor them,’ but also, you want to be better than they were. Not in a negative way. You want to take it a step further. For me, winning the Royal Rumble. My dad passed away in 2015, it’s so unique that he’s not able to see it, but I feel like he’s still here with me. To be able to do some things that he never touched. Dusty did everything.”

“To be able to win the Royal Rumble, to go to WrestleMania and be the main event of the biggest thing in wrestling, I’m blessed and lucky, but I’m still on the hunt. You mentioned SummerSlam, [on Monday] in Buffalo (at WWE Raw), I’m hopefully going to get to talk about what I’m going to do at SummerSlam, but I’m still on the hunt to find my own legacy. That’s the tricky thing when you’re in these families. You want to look at everybody and say, ‘they were different, they did this. He was different and did this.’ That’s my way of honoring them. Trying to be different from both dad and my brother. That’s certainly a struggle because they laid out a great path.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews.com)

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