March 2, 2024

Cody Rhodes isn’t sure whether he would paint his face for WarGames

Cody Rhodes is one of the prominent star in WWE. He is having a great run since his return. He has won Royal Rumble, tag team title and also has defeated Brock Lesnar.

Cody Rhodes will take part in WarGames match. The members of Team Cody are Cody Rhodes, Seth, Sami, and Jey, the members of Team Judgement Day are Finn, Damian, Dominik, and JD McDonagh.

On last episode of WWE RAW, Drew McIntyre was teased as the possible fifth member of Team Judgement Day. Previously it was reported that Drew would be the 5th member of Team Judgement Day, and Randy Orton could be the fifth member of Team Cody.

Cody Rhodes recently was on Gabby AF podcast, where he talked about possibilities of painting his face for Survivor Series WarGames

“I think as far as gear goes, I kind of let Sandra, Sandra kind of just does her thing now. We’ve grown so much that the American Nightmare aspect of it…we have brand guidelines now. ‘Hey, the shoulder scales have to be there.’ She’s got this list of things she knows she had to hit, but then she has a lot of fun. I believe she probably will do something linked to the poster.

“I don’t know if we’re painting up camo-wise our faces, just because I still have terrible PTSD over when I used to paint my face, but I’d like to see our team kind of do something cohesive. That would be fun, even if it’s our own way of being cohesive, but we’ll see. We might show up looking dramatically different, whereas The Judgment Day is a fully functioning group of friends, they are legit friends, which is crazy. So we’ve got our work cut out for us.” (H/T:

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