June 9, 2024

Cody Rhodes on Gunther: “We haven’t even seen maximum potential yet.”

Gunther is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, he recently surpassed Honky Tonk Man’s IC Title record. Gunther is one of the most feared wrestler currently in WWE.

Cody Rhodes recently gave an interview to WWE Die Woche, where he commented on Gunther. Cody feels we haven’t seen the maximum potential of Gunther yet.

“You actually mention the evolution and to me, specifically GUNTHER, just in this moment, he’s put in so much effort into building this version of himself, this final form, this evolved version of what was WALTER and then GUNTHER when he first got to WWE and then now.”

“There’s this kind of odd collection of people who I feel like effort-shame, and my gosh, what he’s doing is 100 percent what you’re supposed to do no matter when you get signed.”

“If you get signed at 20 like me and here I am, 38 now or whenever it is, the point is every time they see you, you’re supposed to have grown, you’re supposed to be better, or at least reaching your optimum, maximum potential. With him, we haven’t even seen maximum potential yet. Every week, he does something more special.”

“Not the friendliest guy by no means. I don’t know if you’d find him on this Instagram Live chat but an absolutely entertaining sports-entertainer, wrestler, all those things.” (H/T: Post Wrestling)

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