June 25, 2024

Cody Rhodes set to face LA Knight on WWE RAW Tonight

LA Knight doesn’t have a opponent for WrestleMania 39 as of writing, so he seems to be very upset over this. He took twitter to express his frustration. LA Knight believes WWE can’t have a LA WrestleMania without LA Knight.

EVERYBODY knows you can’t have an LA Wrestlemania without LA Knight. But @wwe is late to the game, DRAGGING THEIR FEET on giving Wrestlemania the opportunity for an LA Knight moment. It’s about damn time I get a heads up. I’m done waiting

Cody Rhodes commented on the tweet that he doesn’t want to go to WrestleMania without practise. So Cody challenged LA Knight for a match on Tonight RAW.

Well I don’t want to be outta’ practice by #WrestleMania. If you’re in Providence, stand opposed…what are we waiting for? #WWE RAW

LA Knight accepted the challenge, so Adam Pierce made it official. We will see Cody Rhodes vs LA Knight on tonight WWE RAW.

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