July 19, 2024

Dominik Mysterio believes Rhea Ripley will take over all the men’s titles”

Rhea Ripley is one of the prominent superstar in WWE, she has had many tag team partners over the years in WWE, but it did not get the result she was expecting. So, she decided join The Judgement Day, ever since she joined The Judgement Day her WWE career changed completely.

Dominik Mysterio recently was interviewed by Metro.co.uk, where he talked about Rhea Ripley, Judgement Day and more.

Dominik Mysterio on Rhea Ripley

‘Even though she’s 26 years old, she has 10-plus years of experience. She’s done so much, accomplished so much, she’s held every title in WWE and she’s only 26! I give her another two years before she takes over all the men’s titles, it’s only a matter for time!’

Dominik Mysterio on learning from Rhea Ripley

‘Even with Priest and Finn and Rhea – especially Rhea, they taught me how to just go out there and be a menace to these people. And just have them not like me! Rhea with these kids, you know, she’s teaching me how to be menacing to these kids!’

‘I can’t thank her enough. I think she’s really the one that helped me come out of my turtle shell and just enjoy and have fun with them,’ he added. ‘Our chemistry’s growing week to week, we’re getting more comfortable with each other. It’s only getting better man!’

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