July 20, 2024

Dominik Mysterio says Rey Mysterio ruined his childhood

Dominik Mysterio joining The Judgement Day was one of the best decision in his WWE career, ever since that his popularity has increased, and his promos are also good after joining Judgement Day.

Dominik Mysterio was recently in WWE The Bump, where he talked about Rey Mysterio , Rhea Ripley and more.

Dominik on his relationship with Rey Mysterio repairable or not

No, not at all. After what he’s done to me in my childhood, I get shaky just talking about it, so it makes me so angry, It makes my blood boil, because he ruined my childhood. I’m just trying to get little pieces back, I’m out here on the road now, every now and then I want to stop by and say hello and give him a little beatdown, that’s how I felt when he came home. Mom would tell him what I would do and I get the beatdown, so I think it’s time roles be reversed here.

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