July 21, 2024

Dominik Mysterio slaps Cody Rhodes | WWE RAW 6/5

Cody Rhodes was the special guest for The MIZ TV, The Miz welcomes him into the ring. The Miz says Cody Rhodes was stupid to wrestle Brock Lesnar with injury.

Cody Rhodes says a lot of people praised him for that match, but nobody has called him stupid for that match, Cody says to wrestle a match like that he needs ball. Cody says The Miz doesn’t know because he has tiny balls. Fans started chanting tiny balls.

The Miz says he likes to introduces another guest, that was none other than Dominik Mysterio. Fans booed him mercilessly. Dominik says to Cody that he should be at home taking care of his daughter, and calls him a deadbeat dad. Cody says Dominik Mysterio is a mistake by Rey Mysterio.

Dominik Mysterio slaps Cody Rhodes and hides behind Rhea Ripley. Cody was very furious but he can’t put an hands on women. Dominik and Rhea were returning back. Cody Rhodes attacks The Miz with is his cast.

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