July 20, 2024

Drew McIntyre and WWE are “still far apart” from signing a new deal

Drew McIntyre is one of the top superstar in WWE right now. Drew has had a pretty great career in WWE, he has won championships, main evented at WrestleMania.

Ever since PWInsider reported that Drew McIntyre’s contract ending soon, rumour started circulating over his future in WWE. It is also important to note Drew McIntyre has not appeared in WWE after WrestleMania 39. Dave Meltzer previously reported that Drew McIntyre maybe taking some rest after WrestleMania, and it has nothing to do with his contract.

Dave Meltzer recently on Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Drew McIntyre is not expected to return for next couple of weeks and he also noted that WWE and Drew McIntyre are still far apart from signing a new deal.

“He’s not gonna be back at TV next week, he’s not gonna be back for a couple more weeks. They announced the Madison Square Garden show which is in July, and he was not announced for that show either. But that’s not necessarily… I was just told it’s a couple more weeks. And we’ll see what happens from there.

“There is an injury, and there is a contract issue. Although the contract issue, his contract doesn’t come due for many, many months. But as far as signing a new deal, there’s nothing new. They’re still far apart.” (H/T: WrestleTalk.com)

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