June 8, 2024

Drew McIntyre: “It’s an exciting time in my life and my career.”

Drew McIntyre is one of the prominent wrestlers in WWE. Drew McIntyre recently signed a multi year deal with WWE. Drew McIntyre is expected to wrestle Damian Priest at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024.

Drew McIntyre recently gave an interview to PWInsider, where he talked about his new deal with WWE. Drew says he prioritised his family when he was re-signing with WWE.

I am great. It’s an exciting time in my life and my career, as you mentioned, just re-signing with WWE and watching where the company is and where we’re going. You know, I just had to be part of it and, you know, personally, things are looking great. And I’m very, very excited to get back home to Scotland. Not just for obviously the first ever Scottish PLE, with Clash of the Castle, again to see everybody back home because that’s so important to me these days.”

“I’ve spent so many years away, sacrificing so much and realizing that it’s my family that truly sacrificed you know, their son, I have a cousin, their uncle, their brother. And anytime I can get back, which is way more often these days, is a huge bonus to me.”

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