June 7, 2024

Eric Bischoff believes Vince McMahon will do what’s best for business

Vince McMahon return caused many inside WWE happy and also for few sad. There was also rumor about WWE being sold to Saudi, fans brutally criticised Vince McMahon on social media platforms.

Eric Bischoff recently in his 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff podcast talked about Vince McMahon decision making, Bischoff also believes Vince will do what’s best for business.

“Hard to say. You have to get inside of the head of Vince McMahon, and trying to do that is daunting. He’s a complex dude. But let’s just look at the patterns. What’s best for business? One of the things that we know is Vince McMahon makes decisions that all of us, at some time or another, were surprised at. Whether it was bringing me in, after years of competing against him and almost putting him out of business, and I had some pretty crappy things to say, I did some pretty crappy things. I was the enemy, I was the Antichrist. Had I walked into WWE headquarters back in 1997, I don’t think I would have walked out until I got hired, and I was one of the key figures on-camera for whatever it was, three or four years. Nobody thought that would happen, including me. Nobody thought that he’d bring back Ultimate Warrior. But this has been part of his public persona, is that he will do what’s best for the business, even if it’s distasteful as hell, even if it makes him throw up in his own mouth in his private time. If it’s best for business, that’s what he’s gonna do.”(H/T: Fightful)

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