July 19, 2024

Gunther retains his IC Title | WWE WrestleMania 39 results

Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Gunther made their way to the ring, Drew takes out Gunther and then Sheamus and Drew McIntyre started attacking each other.

Gunther returns backs to the ring and stops Sheamus from hitting 10 beats of bodhran to Drew McIntyre. Gunther chops Sheamus brutally and then Drew McIntyre attacks Gunther. Drew and Gunther chops each other mercilessly.

Sheamus locks Gunther to hit 10 beats of bodhran but to his surprise Drew joins him. Drew chops him and then Sheamus hits bodhran. Sheamus delivers a brogue kick to Gunther and goes for the pin but Drew pulls Sheamus outside.

Sheamus hits brogue kick to Drew and goes for the pin, Gunther hits a splash from top rope and stops the pins. Gunther powerbombs Sheamus on top of Drew and then Gunther powerbombs Drew McIntyre and pins him to retain the IC Title.

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