May 21, 2024

Hulk Hogan: The Miz understands the business, he’s keeping the art form alive

Hulk Hogan is arguably one of the greatest wrestler of all time, he has tons of experience in pro wrestling, getting appreciation from Hulk Hogan is a huge deal. The Miz is in WWE for over a decade, some consider The Miz as one of the greatest Intercontinental Champion.

Hulk Hogan recently was on This Past Weekend with Theo Von podcast, where talked about The Miz. Hulk Hogan believes The Miz understands the business.

“That brother is keeping this art form alive. Every time I see him, I tell him how much I love him for what he’s done. Because he understands this business a lot more than most of the guys do. There’s probably two or three guys that I can pick out that understand that business. He’s one of them, and he gets it.” (H/T: WrestleZone)

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