July 21, 2024

JD McDonagh becomes the members of The Judgement Day

JD McDonagh and Finn Balor have known each other for a long time. So Finn Balor doesn’t had any issues with JD McDonagh being part of The Judgement Day.

Damian Priest wasn’t a fan of JD McDonagh. Damian used to criticise JD. Damian wanted JD out of his sight but JD persistent on joining The Judgement Day finally paid off.

Earlier on RAW, brawl broke out between Team Cody and Team Judgement Day. Jey was in verge of spearing Damian Priest but JD pushes Damian and takes the spear for him.

After that incident, Damian met JD backstage and gave him a Judgement Day jacket, and welcomes him into the Judgement Day family.

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