July 20, 2024

Jey Uso attacks Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa | WWE SmackDown 7/14

Roman Reigns on last week SmackDown destroyed Jimmy Uso, which made Jey Uso challenge for a match against Roman Reigns but Roman Reigns is yet to accept the challenge.

Jey Uso cuts an emotional promo on tonight’s SmackDown, Jey Usos says he respects his culture, family and everything but not Roman Reigns. Jey says he doesn’t have respect for Roman Reigns.

Jey Usos says he’s the chief, head of the table, calls himself main event Jey Uso. Paul Heyman interrupts, Paul Heyman was accompanied by Solo Sikoa. Paul Heyman says whatever happen to Jimmy Uso was Jey’s fault. Solo also had some message to Jey. Solo says what happened to Jimmy was Jey’s fault and he will never forgive him.

Jey Uso was angry with Solo’s word, so he attacks him. Solo tried to fight back but Jey did not let him. Jey Uso also hits a superkick to Paul Heyman.

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