May 23, 2024
Roman Reigns' next opponent

Jim Cornette believes nobody else can be “THE GUY” as long as Roman Reigns is around

Roman Reigns is one of the greatest champion of all time, he recently surpassed 1000 days as WWE Universal Champion. Many opponent have tried to dethrone Roman Reigns but failed miserably. There are lot criticism about Roman Reigns’ title reign but WWE seems to be happy with how things are.

Jim Cornette recently in his “Driv Thru” podcast talked about Roman Reigns, Cornette believes nobody could be ‘The Guy’ in WWE as long as Roman Reigns is around.

“No, because it’s not that, again, I mean, they did a great number. RAW is rocking, and so is SmackDown. But it’s just not the guy.” Jim continued, “With Roman Reigns, the guy, nobody else can be the guy. Any kind of world champion, Universal Champion, global champion, whatever descriptor you’re gonna use for it, you gotta be the guy.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews)

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