April 16, 2024

John Cena on The Miz: “He’s one of the most underrated WWE superstars in history.”

John Cena is set to appear on every SmackDown for next two months. It was surprising to see John Cena having a long WWE schedule. John Cena will team up with Seth Rollins to face Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci at WWE Superstar spectacle in India on Sept 8.

John Cena gave an interview to Cathy Kelly after his return to SmackDown. John Cena was asked about his predictions for LA Knight vs The Miz match at WWE Payback.

“That’s a tough one to call. I have a lot of mutual respect for The Miz. I think he’s one of the most underrated WWE superstars in history.

I also have a tremendous amount of respect for LA Knight because his trajectory is that of persistence. You want to talk about somebody never giving up, I have it on a shirt and I try to live it every day, he walks that talk and he does it with his own style, and he’s not afraid to be who he is here, and speaking as somebody who started as the Dr. of Thuganomics, I have a lot of respect for that.

That’s one I’m watching with a close eye because, often in competition, one superstar has something to prove, and the other has something to hold onto. This matchup is special because both have something to prove.” (H/T: Inside The Ropes)

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