July 19, 2024

Kevin Owens attacks Dominik Mysterio after WWE RAW went off air

The Bloodline kicks off RAW and then The Judgement Day made their way to the ring, they both agreed for a short term deal to take care of each others concern. So Solo faced Rey Mysterio , who is Judgement Day’s concern.

At the main event of RAW Riddle/Owens/Zayn faced The Judgement Day, eventually Owens/Zayn/Riddle won the match. Brawl broke out between The Usos and Owens/Zayn/Riddle after the match, they were joined by LWO and The Judgement Day. At the end Owens/Riddle/Zayn and the LWO standing tall in the ring, but Dominik Mysterio was in middle of the ring and he was surrounded. Kevin Owens hits a stunner to Dominik Mysterio.

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