April 16, 2024

Kevin Owens on Sami Zayn: It took some time to “showcase just how good he is to the world.”

Sami Zayn is finally getting appreciated for his phenomenal work, Sami Zayn can just make any storyline work. There could be no one more happy for Sami Zayn’s success than Kevin Owens, both have been friends from a long time.

Kevin Owens recently gave an interview to San Antonio Express-News, where he talked about Sami Zayn, Stephanie McMahon and more.

Kevin Owens on Sami’s success

“(His success) is no surprise to me. I’ve known how good (Zayn) was and how special of a talent he is for 20 years now. It just took a while for him to get into a situation where he can showcase just how good he is to the world.”

Kevin Owens on working with Stephanie McMahon

“(Stephanie) has been nothing but amazing to me my entire time here. And I was so happy to see her more at the shows and get to be around her and get to work for her. Everybody’s also kind of happy that she gets to take this time for herself.”

Kevin Owens on WWE sale rumors

“The internet will say what the internet will say, and then the reality will be what really matters. We just care about what we do in the ring. That’s what we try to do our best at.”

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