June 10, 2024

LA Knight: “Logan Paul is another guy who reminds me of The Miz”

Logan Paul is one of the most hated wrestler in WWE. Logan Paul with his in-ring performance has impressed lots of fans, some fans have become fan of his work. Even though fans hate him but they love to see what he does in the ring. Logan Paul is known for producing viral stuffs.

LA Knight recently was on WWE’s The Bump, where he talked about The Miz and Logan Paul. LA Knight feels The Miz and Logan Paul are very similar.

“Logan Paul is another guy who reminds me of The Miz. The difference is Logan Paul is a new face to this whole thing, but they kinda remind me of one and the same.

“Two guys who have gotten to ride that elevator ride straight to the top, and good for you. I can’t say anything wrong with that, if they’re going to give it to you, go ahead and take full advantage. But you got to understand that I’m going to come up and pull that carpet right out from under you and he might be one of the next ones.” (H/T: EWrestlingNews.com)

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