July 20, 2024

LA Knight on fans cheering him: “I’m always looking at it like, man, it’s gonna slide off at some point.”

LA Knight is one of the top babyface currently in WWE. He has increased his fanbase massively over the course of time. LA Knight cheers are getting louder and louder each week.

LA Knight recently was on Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast, where he talked about WWE, Merch, Bray Wyatt, and more

LA Knight on fans reactions every week

“I think every week I’m always looking at it like, man, it’s gonna slide off at some point. And you know what, when it does, I’m just gonna roll with it, and I’m gonna get even better from that point.”

“Because at that point, I’m out, and you’re all getting jabbed. But no, I don’t know; at this point, it’s just been growing and growing. And I remember the very first time I think we talked about it last time it was, it was in DC in March.”

“And from there, it was like, oh, okay, now we’re starting to get somewhere. And then it was like, more and more, and that wasn’t necessarily the reaction I was looking for. Because especially coming out of the Bray Wyatt thing, it’s like, Alright, let me keep getting heat. Let me keep getting heat.”

“But then it was like they put me out there with guys who were supposed to be big babyfaces, who were getting big reactions and stuff like that. But then there was just something about me coming out there where it was like, I can’t put a name to what they were seeing or thinking or anything like that. But there was something there where they were just like, I want this guy. We want this.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article, please credit “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” an h/t to WrestlingManiafan for the transcription.

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