June 9, 2024

Major update on the future of The Bloodline after Roman Reigns’ loss

The Bloodline was consider one of the strongest faction back then, but now most of The Bloodline members are separated and The Bloodline is only left with Roman, Solo and Heyman.

Roman Reigns was last pinned in December 2019, many wrestlers try to pin him but failed miserably but Jey Uso was successful in pinning Roman Reigns at MITB and puts an end to his streak. It would be interesting to see how Paul Heyman and Solo see Roman after losing to The Usos.

BWE on his private twitter account is reporting The Bloodline chapter is expected to close in coming weeks, it also noted that next few weeks would be interesting.

Big calls are made for The Bloodline closure chapter. Next few weeks will be crazy before the biggest stop of the year Summerslam. Tighten those seatbelts. (H/T: RingSideNews)

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