May 22, 2024

Mandy Rose talks about her release, says forever grateful for WWE

Mandy Rose recently appeared in Tamron Hall talk show, where she talked her release, Fantime and more.

Mandy Rose said there are confidential clause which can’t be discussed, Mandy Rose says “Never says Never” when she was asked about possibility of returning to WWE.

“Honestly, everything happens for a reason. And I can’t even say I was wrong because I am so forever grateful for everything that the WWE has presented me with. So I can’t sit here and say that I was wronged or not, because the overwhelmingly, I’m hurt 100%. I’m very hurt. Nobody, no one wants to get that call that you’re being fired from any job, right? So I was very hurt. I was very disappointed. I was disappointed so much more because of everything that I put into the business.

But just the last year and a half, I was championed for 413 days. I unified those two titles that we just saw. I was the third longest reigning NXT Women’s champion. I also created this must see faction with two other women that I really brought up. And I got to see so many women develop their characters, and they’re all younger than me and really in the beginning of their careers. And to me, that was so important because it was so rewarding for me. And so losing the title was obviously a gut punch. It was definitely so disappointed.

But at the end of the day, my purpose was what was gone. And that’s where I kind of felt lost and I felt confused because of all the hard work that I put into. And driving home from that, a lot of things were going through my mind. You always think there’s a lot of unanswered questions and all that, but at the end of the day, like I said, I love what I’ve done in the WWE and I love that the platform what it presented me with. So I am forever grateful for them.”(H/T:

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