April 22, 2024

Matt Hardy hopes to see Jeff Hardy return to AEW

Jeff Hardy last appearance in AEW was back in June 2022. Jeff was arrested for DUI. Tony Khan suspends Jeff Hardy without pay, and was told Jeff could only return to AEW once he completes the treatment and maintains sobriety. Jeff Hardy’s case recently got closed and now fans are waiting Jeff to make his return.

Matt Hardy while taking with Isiah Kassidy, provided an update on Jeff Hardy. Matt hopes to see Jeff return to AEW

“Jeff just had some eye surgery. His eyes were just a little off-set, it’s just probably from wear and tear and beating his body up. They had to work on some ligaments and tendons in one of his eyes. So they corrected that [with] surgery and they said probably in five, six weeks, he should be okay. So I’m hoping after that, now that he’s kind of putting this whole situation behind him, that we’ll see him back around soon. I’m hoping so, man. You guys keep your fingers crossed. Maybe six, eight weeks from now, hopefully we can see some Jeff Hardy on AEW,”(H/T: Fightful)

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