April 16, 2024

Mickie James likes to wrestle Mercedes Mone, says “She shows up everywhere. Come on over to IMPACT.”

Mercedes Mone debuting in NJPW was very shocking not only fans but also for wrestlers. Mercedes Varnado had a incredible career in WWE as Sasha Banks, she was part of many phenomenal matches.

Mickie James was recently interviewed by Sescoops, where she talked Mercedes Mone, Impact Wrestling and more.

Micki James on Mercedes debuting in NJPW

“I’m excited for her. The world is her oyster. She can literally do whatever she wants. I think any company would benefit from having her on their roster. She’s a star. The fact that she doesn’t need to be on a roster because she could go act or she could go do a lot of things, it shows that she has a genuine passion for wrestling, and she’s great.”(H/T: EWrestlingNews)

Micki James on facing Mercedes Mone

“I’ve never had a singles match with Sasha. I would really, really love to have a singles match with Mercedes.I love her. I have so much love and respect for her. I think she’s incredible. I’m excited to watch her journey, I really am. I’m excited because I feel like she has an opportunity now to do it her way, and she wanted to a lot of things, and now she gets to go do them. She can go test herself against whoever she wants to and show up everywhere. That’s what I hope, she shows up everywhere. Come on over to IMPACT.”(H/T: EWrestlingNews)

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