March 2, 2024

MJF believes The Shield members are not on his level

The Shield is arguably one of the greatest faction in WWE history. They have impressed lots of WWE fans with their performance. Seth Rollins suddenly turned on The Shield members, which paved way for Shield getting separated.

The Shield members tops the PWI Top 500 ranking. Seth Rollins tops the ranking followed by Roman Reigns and then Jon Moxley. MJF wasn’t happy with the rankings. MJF was ranked #6.

MJF recently was interviewed by New York Mets, where he commented on the PWI ranking. MJF thinks Cody or him should have topped the rankings.

“PWI Top 500. El Hijo Del Vikingo. Can you name me two El Hijo Del Vikingo matches? You can’t. I could go on and on, everyone knows who the best is. If you went on social medai the day it got dropped, everybody was saying that either me or Cody Rhodes should’ve been #1 or #2. I believe they put those three guys up there, those three guys are very talented, but nobody is on the level of the Devil.” (H/T: RingSideNews)

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