July 20, 2024

MJF: “I love the direction AEW is heading in right now.”

MJF is the longest reigning AEW World Champion. He has defeated many top wrestlers in his current title reign. MJF has made massive fan following over the years.

MJF is currently signed with AEW. MJF’s contract with AEW is expiring very soon. It would be interesting to see whether MJF renews his contract with AEW or decides to sign with WWE.

MJF recently gave an interview to TVInsider.com, where he talked about AEW, Tony Khan, Adam Cole, and more.

MJF on his current relationship with Tony Khan

“There is a lot more earned respect. I feel like I’ve earned his respect and vice-versa. I’d like to ‘no comment’ on the 2024 [contract]  thing because I feel like it has been beaten over the head, and I don’t think anything will be gained from talking about it right now. I would genuinely say our relationship is very good.” 


“I love the direction AEW is heading in right now. I feel like we are gaining momentum again. It’s because of guys like young stars like Daniel Garcia that’s happening. It’s because of that hard work and dedication. The Continental Classic has been balls to the walls amazing.”

“I look at guys like Ethan Page and Tony Nese. A lot of people were tuning into that Ring of Honor pay-per-view to see Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, FTR, Eddie Kingston, and others. I think they left thinking about Tony Nese and Ethan Page. I think it goes to show you how important ROH is. It can show you who the next stars are. Tony Khan pours his literal heart into the company. Much like I do.”

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