July 21, 2024

MJF says he’d “beat the living sh*t out of” Goldberg in a now-deleted tweet

MJF is arguably one of the top wrestler in AEW right now, not many could go head-to-head against him in promos, his wrestling skills has massively improved over the years.

MJF responded to a tweet about speculation of Goldberg possibly returning to the ring to have a match against MJF in AEW. MJF commented on tweet that he would beat the living sh*t out of Goldberg. MJF after some time deleted the tweet.

I’d beat the living sh*t out of this roided up jew

Goldberg recently in a interview told that his character needs a proper send off, he would retire only after getting a proper retirement match, Goldberg also said that Vince had agreed to give him a proper retirement match after wrestling Roman Reigns at Elimination Chamber 2022, but Vince didn’t give him one.

It wouldn’t be a shock if Goldberg ends up in AEW, it is also important to note AEW is having their All In PPV at Wembley Stadium in London on 27th August, which has a capacity of about 90K. So Goldberg appearance could attract a good amount of fans to the stadium.

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