March 2, 2024

Nick Aldis plans to fine Randy Orton for RKO’ing him

Randy Orton recently made his return back to WWE. Randy Orton appeared on last Friday’s SmackDown, as he was not exclusive to any brand.

SmackDown’s General Manager Nick Aldis was planning to sign Randy Orton when he appears on SmackDown, but RAW’s General Manager Adam Pierce made a surprise visit to SmackDown, Adam also wanted to sign Randy Orton for RAW.

Adam Pierce and Nick Aldis both gave their respective offers to Randy Orton. Adam Pierce told that if Randy signs with RAW, he would get a World Heavyweight title shot, and Nick Aldis told Randy that he could give an opportunity to take revenge on The Bloodline if he signs with SmackDown.

Randy Orton finally decided to sign with SmackDown, while Nick Aldis was celebrating with Randy, suddenly Randy Orton RKO’s Aldis. WWE shared the clip of Randy RKO’ing Aldis on Instagram. Nick Aldis commented on that post. Nick Aldis seems like wants to fine Randy Orton for RKO’ing him

Get your checkbook out Mr Orton…

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