May 23, 2024

Nick Khan on WWE Creative control: “Paul Levesque remains the sole chief creative officer”

WWE recently merged with UFC to form $21 bln empire, ever since then there are rumours that Vince McMahon is back in creative control and Vince takes all the decision in creatives.

Nick Khan in a recent interview with LightShed live commented on Vince roles in WWE Creative, Nick Khan said that Vince and Triple H have a family relationship, and know each other for a very long times. Nick Khan also says that Triple H remains the sole chief creative officer

When this deal was officially announced, Monday morning, Vince sent out a company-wide email to our thousand or so employees, including myself. And in the email, he laid out the structure of the NewCo, which certainly you guys have read about and are familiar with.

In addition to Vince being the Executive Chairman, Ari Emanuel being the CEO, Mark Shapiro being the President, Dana White continuing as President of UFC, and me at WWE — specifically Vince articulated that Paul Levesque remains the sole chief creative officer. Sole.

So, how does it work? Does that mean because I’m technically in charge of the business side of the business that I don’t seek input from other people? Or I wouldn’t seek input from Vince McMahon, who created this entire empire? That would be a mistake on my behalf.

Paul and Vince, have a family relationship, a relationship that stands back to the mid-90s. Paul’s in charge of creative. If he wants input from Vince or Vince has ideas then he and Paul are gonna communicate, that’s always gonna be the case. We’re lucky to have Vince. We’re lucky to have Paul in control of creative. (H/T: Post Wrestling)

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