March 2, 2024

Randy Orton wrestled Dominik Mysterio on WWE RAW 11/27

Randy Orton made his appearance on WWE RAW after close to 18 months. Randy Orton was saying he will taking revenge on every member of The Bloodline.

Rhea Ripley interferes Randy Orton. Rhea says The Bloodline has fallen down, and now The Judgement Day has risen to the top. Randy Orton says he has watched what Rhea has done from last couple of months. Randy says Daddy is back to Rhea Ripley. Dominik and JD attacked Randy from behind.

Randy Orton fights back and hits RKO to JD. Randy Orton challenged Dominik for a match on the main event of WWE RAW. Randy Orton wrestled Dom on the main event of RAW. Dom gave a tough fight but eventually Randy Orton won the match.

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