May 23, 2024

Randy Orton’s injury could keep him out of WWE for rest of 2022

Randy Orton has had lots of injury’s in his 20 year career in WWE. Randy Orton’s last appearance in television was in May 20, where Roman Reigns brutally attacked him & was written off since then.

New report from Fightful Select states that Randy was needed lot of work done on his back to be healthy enough to compete in tag team match, but after the match, it worsened for Randy. WWE fears that Randy Orton may need to undergo surgery for his injury that could keep him out of Wrestling for rest of this year. Randy Orton currently no longer in any creative plans of WWE.

Randy Orton was not scheduled for any match, but there were many reports that Randy Orton could face Roman Reigns in this years Summerslam. If Randy Orton undergoes surgery, he would not be able to face Roman Reigns.

Cody Rhodes is recovering from his injury which could take atleast 9 months to completely recover, Brock Lesnar is not seen in televison these days, now potential missing of Randy Orton could hurt WWE badly.

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