April 22, 2024

Raquel Rodriguez provides health update following her return to WWE

Raquel Rodriguez previously in an Instagram video told that she was diagnosed with Mass Cell Activation Syndrome, so she’s not appearing on television. Raquel Rodriguez recently made her return to WWE during WWE RAW.

It was assumed that Raquel Rodriguez might have recovered from her health issues, but she is not completely recovered yet. She’s still dealing with her health issues.

Raquel Rodriguez took X/Twitter to provide health update. Raquel says her recovery is far from over. She also thanked her family and friends.

The journey is far from over. I finally got some answers as to what caused this but it’s going to be a while til I can get it fully under control.

I know one thing. I’m blessed to have an amazing support system. Family, friends, I love you all❤️

Keep pushing through the pain!

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