July 19, 2024

Report: CM Punk may never wrestle again

CM Punk debut in AEW was hugely celebrated by fans, irrespective of the brand. Both AEW and WWE fans were happy to see Punk back in pro-wrestling.

Everything was going fine for CM Punk until the AEW All Out media-scrum, since then everything went downhill for him. Last year he was the most celebrated wrestler, now it’s not the same anymore. There are reports that AEW could potentially buy-out CM Punks contract.

Nick Hausman on Wrestling Observer Radio told that CM Punk is not worried about money and also noted that a lot of people who have known CM Punk told Nick that Punk will never wrestle again

“Cash does not seem to be an issue for this guy. He’s got in-roads in Hollywood going on right now. Stephen Amell certainly shining him up with what they’re trying to do over on Heels right now. I have a lot of people that have known Punk that say to me ‘This guy’s never gonna wrestle again.” (H/T: WrestleTalk )

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