July 21, 2024

Road Dogg explains why Brock Lesnar dismantled Kofi Kingston in WWE title match

Kofi Kingston is in WWE for more than a decade, most of part of his career he was in the mid-card. He was one of most under utilized superstar in WWE. He finally got the push, he deserved. He wrestled Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 for WWE Title.

Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship was one of the most heart-warming moments in WWE history. He had pretty good title reign, it came to end by Brock Lesnar. He defeated Kofi Kingston in eight seconds.

Road Dogg was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling, where he talked about Rusev, Lana, Kofi, Brock Lesnar and more.

When he was asked about Brock Lesnar squashing Kofi Kingston for WWE Title

“I don’t think it ruined Kofi. It was probably Vince, Fox, Brock Lesnar, cross-appeal. He(Brock) is a name, and Vince loves him and Vince is drawing with him. So tried and true, let’s shock the world and send him out there and kill him(Kofi) in a minute. I mean, I can hear him saying it now, and it is what it is. Maybe Big E would have given a better battle.”

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