June 7, 2024

Road Dogg on Rusev: “He could have been an entertaining babyface or a heel champion”

Rusev had a pretty great career in WWE, he made his main roster debut in 2014. He is a 3 times WWE United States Champion. Rusev has wrestled many top stars in his WWE career. WWE did some cost cutting during the Covid-19 pandemic, so Rusev was released from WWE in 2020.

Road Dogg recently on his Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast talked about Rusev. Road Dogg feels Rusev would have been an entertaining champion and Rusev Day could have been celebrated every year.

Of course, he could be a champion, honestly. He could have beat AJ that nighcand been the champion. And I’ll tell you why. I think him and Lana were a great package. I think she was beautiful to look at. He was a killer. I think it was a great package. I think it was right out of central casting for Rocky 17, you know, and they worked perfectly together. He got in shape. He was legitimately hilarious when he would speak in broken English.

“He could have been an entertaining babyface or a heel champion because I do think the promos would have been, could have been, classic and we would have had a ‘Rusev Day’ every year and had a big celebration. So yeah, he definitely could have been the man. Maybe he still will be, you know what I mean?”

“See, that right there is I think the reason. He didn’t get pushed because of the fans. I honestly do. They’re hijacking other parts of the show… It wasn’t really about Rusev or they would’ve done it during his match. Like that’s when you do it. He was wrestling. Now they’re doing it just because they hate the guy in the ring. You know what I mean?” (H/T: Inside The Ropes)

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